Innovative Ultrafast Laser Solutions

Innovative Ultrafast Laser Solutions

Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)

The machining process with ultrashort (femtosecond) pulses of light (i.e. changing hard solid matter into an expanding plasma), is so rapid that there is little time for heat to diffuse away from the focal spot.

Heating of the surrounding area is significantly reduced and consequently all the negatives associated with a heat-affected zone are no longer present. No melt zone. No microcracks. No shock wave that can delaminate multilayer materials. No stress that can damage adjacent structures, and no recast layer.

Machining in Nitinol with long (nanosecond) pulses

Figure 8.1: Slag formed in the heat affected zone (HAZ) during a long-pulse micromachining process.

Machining in Nitinol with ultrafast (femtosecond) pulses

Figure 8.2: Absence of slag and HAZ during an ultrashort-pulse micromachinng process.